We are the appliance repair company you can trust. We are family owned, the little guy on the block.
My name is Louis Perry and I’m the owner of Absolute Appliance SVC and I have been repairing appliances for over 15 years. We are constantly staying on top of any and all new technology that is coming out. From testing procedures and taking apart new appliances the correct way. When others are closing up shop, because they didn’t want to consistently further their education. In a industry where the one thing you can count on is the rushed out product lines that look amazing and are engineered poorly. Yeah it’s great for business, I just get this turning feeling in my stomach though when I see a client ask me why their $3000 fridge broke right after a year of owning it. Sinking money they saved to make their kitchen look awesome. You no longer see quality and see tons of quantity. I’m going to tell the truth, it’s because these companies want to save money, they swap out metal for plastic, put icemakers in fridge compartments without sealing them. They cut corners.

When I first started out in the appliance repair field. Repairs weren’t really expensive, parts were ready and available. machines lasted 20-30 years sometimes longer. When a client asks me if they should repair their 30 year old washer or fridge I look them in the eyes, tell them I would repair them every single time no matter what it is. As long as the machine is not rotting or with rust build up, it’s the smartest decision to make. Your also going to get a repair that is almost a certainly will be cheaper then fixing something new.

Call us you will be happy you did. We give fair pricing, normally have some type of discount going on repairs. We are up front and honest. We are that old fashioned service business that you use to hear about back in the day. Originally from Staten Island, New York. I learned how to repair machines under pressure and how to work quickly and efficiently. From schooling to on the job training, and gaining a very strong electrical background. From schematic reading to knowing how to use my meter to test electric components. Whether I’m checking resistance on a thermistor or checking amperage on a range igniter, I took the bull by the horns and learned everything I had to and more. We warranty all of our work so no need to worry if something months down the line fails, we have you covered not only on the part, the labor as well.