It’s Starting to get hot outside, when the weather starts getting warm your refrigerator works harder. More strain on a fridge especially if you have a large family or have multiple guest. Same goes if you don’t have the air conditioner going, heat could be a refrigerators worst enemy. The more people opening the refrigerator and freezer door/draw, the longer the compressor runs to cool down the refrigerator. If your home is like mine with kids running around then you deal with the same thing. Your kids opening or sliding that freezer draw/door open and leaving it open for an extended amount of time.

If you haven’t had someone out to clean your condenser professionally, chances are your fridge compressor is being overworked. The more lint build up on, and around the condenser causes strain making it difficult for the condenser fan to cool down everything in the condenser/compressor area. Now if your compressor overheats then it could potentially cause the overload on the Refrigerator compressor to fail, or when the compressor gets to hot you’ll notice your items in the freezer section are starting to get soft. That’s just a bad situation all around, Losing all the food inside your fridge.


At Absolute Appliance SVC, we thoroughly clean and service the condenser correctly. By using high pressure air and using a vacuum along with a spray that gets the hard to reach areas. You then won’t have to worry about your refrigerator costing hundreds of dollars in food spoilage and repairs. Give us a call or click one of the blue hyper links to fill out the form and someone will get back to you ASAP. Phone- 610-438-7342