There is nothing more disruptive than when one of your kitchen appliances goes out unexpectedly. This is especially true when it is your cooktop or your oven that is giving you problems, as you rely on these appliances to whip up tasty and nutritious meals for your family. Eating out can be fun…for a while. However, this can quickly become tiresome and expensive, especially for a family.

Absolute Appliance SVC offers cooktop and oven repair services in Easton that will have you cooking again in no time. We service virtually all makes and models of cooktops, built-in ranges, double ovens, and free-standing ovens and we work on both gas and electric appliances for your convenience. Contact us today to request an appointment.

Common Cooktop and Oven Repair Issues

There are a wide variety of issues that can plague cooktops and ovens. From resolving issues with cooktop flames to repairing ovens that won’t heat properly, we have all of your needs covered. Check out some of the common cooktop and oven problems below:

  • Oven is not heating on bake setting
  • Oven is not heating on broil setting
  • Oven is not getting hot at all
  • Oven burner will not light
  • Oven smells like gas
  • Oven is burning whatever is cooked
  • Oven displays error code
  • Oven igniter glows, but no gas is coming out
  • Cooktop won’t light
  • Flames are uneven
  • Cooktop flame won’t turn off
  • Knobs won’t turn

Why Hire a Pro for Cooktop and Oven Repairs?

Safety Matters

Dealing with gas and electric appliances can be dangerous if you don’t know what you are doing. Our skilled home appliance repairman has years of experience working on both types of appliances, keeping you out of harm’s way when repairs are underway.

Time and Convenience

Let’s face it — life is busy enough without having to worry about researching known problems with cooktops and ovens. Professional oven repair techs have the skill and knowledge needed to perform fast, reliable repairs, saving you both time and effort.

Warranty Concerns

If your cooktop or oven is relatively new, then you probably have some kind of warranty on it. Most appliance manufacturers require proof that repairs were attempted by a certified pro before they will even consider replacing malfunctioning units.

Are you ready to enjoy the peace of mind and enhanced performance that comes along with professional cooktop and oven repairs? Contact us today for an appointment!